14 Jul 09:30 - 15 Jul 20:55 - Åbo
Market Square, Turku

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Get ready. Pack your toothbrush and passport. GIROT Pop-Up 2018 goes to Finland. That means it's the first time abroad.

GIROT has arranged rides around Stockholm for some time and the Pop-Up section deals with places outside Stockholm. We've visited Gothenburg and Malmö earlier years (see some info about this at

The route will be about 135 km and it takes us through the islands of Finnish Archipelago. On Saturday, we will ride about 125 km, arriving to a cottage with a sauna to spend the evening and sleep over. Sunday, we will ride back to Turku, and in the evening, we will take the Viking Line ferry back home.

The ride is free of course, but there will be some costs along the route like a ferry ticket. Also, everyone needs to cover their own food expenses. When we finish we'll have almost a full day in Turku for activities as well.. which is kind of cool.

If you want us to book your ferry and/or you want to stay in the cabin etc. go to our registration form at

Get the full schedule for the ride at

We will have a live map going as long as we can from if you want to tag along somewhere on the way.
Show some Sisu and come along.

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