TA101 The introduction to Transactional Analysis

TA101 The introduction to Transactional Analysis

22 Nov 09:30 - 23 Nov 17:00 - Helsinki
TA Instituutti - Transaktioanalyysi koulutus ja työnohjaus

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Transactional Analysis - TA - is a theory of communication which can be extended to analysing systems and organisations.
TA is also a theory of personality and a systematic psychotherapy for personal growth and change.

The TA101 is the initial 12+ hour course, which can stand alone or provide the entry qualification for further training. The TA101 provides an overview of TA concepts, examples of application and opportunities for you to apply in your own context.

TA101 programme is for anyone. People find it provides both personal learning and direct tools for their work; for example: counsellors, therapists, managers, parents and teachers. It stands alone or can lead further training in TA, continuing if wished, to qualifications in counselling and psychotherapy, organisational or educational applications or coaching.

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