Meeting Of Styles Finland

Meeting Of Styles Finland

13 Jul 10:00 - 15 Jul 00:00 - Tampere

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Oh yes! Meeting Of Styles again in Finland!

For the second time, international graffiti event Meeting Of Styles is going to happen at the old factory area of Hiedanranta, Tampere.

We bring dozens of artists to paint thousands of square meters of old factory walls, and amaze you with their different styles! Spanning wide from mind blowing 3d painters over the wondrous wildstyle artists and the photo realistic phenomena to the classic letter aficionados.

The entrance is FREE so anyone can come to enjoy urban art.

The MOS Finland will be held in the middle of Finnish summer in July 13-15, 2018. Like last year it will be organized together with the week long urban art festival Spraycankontrol, which will happen at the same place from monday 9th to sunday 15th.

At the area of Hiedanranta you can enjoy thousands of square meters of paintings made in the last two summers at Spraycankontrol and Meeting Of Styles events. Our aim is year after year to cover more and more of those factory walls with art, so we are not going to paint over the existing ones, instead we are going to paint lots of new ones!

The “International Meeting of Styles” (MOS) is an international network of graffiti artists and aficionados that began in Wiesbaden, Germany in 2002.
Brought together and inspired by their passion for graffiti, MOS aims to create a forum for the international art community to communicate, assemble and exchange ideas, works and skills, but also to support intercultural exchange.

For more info about Meeting Of Styles go to:

MOS Finland local organizer:
Spraycankontrol Ry


Paine art supply

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360 Spray Paint


On The Run

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